Working Together to Answer “What’s Next”

Marketers are at the forefront of digital transformation by leveraging advancements in both technology and analytics. What we have seen repeatedly within our clients ecosystems are underutilized technologies, legacy dashboards with poor data and managers with complex but non-quantifiable strategies. eClerx Digital is known for its in-depth process expertise and its ability to evaluate and optimize for clients. One way to leverage this expertise is through customized and focused workshops at client sites. Below are summaries of recent workshops held in North America and Europe.

Examples of Workshop Topics and Outcomes

Multinational Software Company – Marketing Automation and Business Intelligence

During a discovery call with the client’s marketing lead to revamp a legacy dashboard, the team asked: “what is the purpose of this dashboard?” The conversation caused the marketing lead to pause and rethink her objectives on the entire marketing automation program. She asked eClerx Digital to perform an independent audit of the existing marketing automation and business intelligence processes and return with identified gaps and recommendations for improvement.

Following a one-month audit, the eClerx Digital team held a workshop with the client’s entire digital marketing group to present its findings. It was during that workshop that the Analytics Team presented a ‘metrics-focused’ strategy to the client. One that prioritized not only visualization but also tracking the right metrics. The presentation included an honest assessment, some of which the client stakeholders were not excited to hear, but was important for them to understand the current state of their technology and processes in order to move to the efuture state. Following the presentation, the stakeholders congratulated the eClerx Digital team for presenting a genuine assessment of their ecosystem unlike that provided by several technology providers. The next step in the process was an invitation for the same eClerx Digital team to attend an all-hands internal client workshop. The initial purpose of its attendance was to observe, but in the end, the eClerx team facilitated the discussion and summarized all activities into three primary goals:

  • Measure impact of marketing activities
  • Implement a personalization program
  • Measure marketing activity attribution

Once the primary goals were identified, the five client teams responsible for contributing to the success of those goals were assigned tasks. This lead to a highly interactive session in which teams communicated with each other to say “before we complete this, we need that team to do that.” The result was a clear, integrated roadmap for success. The eClerx Digital team went one step further and took ownership of the project manager function, collated and summarized the notes and formalized the roadmap to be presented to the CMO. The four-quarter plan was approved and funded, such that the entire marketing group could work towards a common goal that would springboard the function down a data-driven marketing path.

Global Sportswear Manufacturer – Digital Transformation

When a client sponsor changed companies, he recognized quickly that his team required eClerx Digital’s help at his new company in its digital transformation objectives to achieve cost efficiency, scale and better insights. Prior to the first workshop, the eClerx Digital Analytics team assessed the analytical maturity of the client against eight criteria, and identified cost structure, ability to scale, process and efficiency as areas of improvement. The plan presented during the workshop estimated a 37% savings in Year One and a 49% savings in Year Two from automation and process improvement initiatives. In addition, the team delivered a playbook of controllable levers, metrics and best practices as a reference resource. The playbook included recommendations for best reporting cadence, KPI drivers, and dashboard mockups. At the completion of the workshop, eClerx Digital was asked to create a six-quarter roadmap that was quickly expanded to other regions including North and Latin America.

International Hotel Chain – Tag Management

The digital marketing lead for an international hotel chain based in EMEA asked eClerx Digital to lead a two-day workshop of sixteen sessions to address the hotelier’s business roadmap and objectives. Tremendous preparation went into the workshop including four pre-meetings in which the eClerx Digital Analytics team mapped the client objectives to workshop content that answered many questions. In addition, the team offered several ideas for consideration that had not been considered by the client. Included in the workshop documents was a hospitality industry thought-leadership piece that supported the additional insights.

More than an Analytics Firm

eClerx Digital’s extensive history as a data management and process improvement firm has established it as a leader in the industry when it comes to data quality and analytics-driven insights. It is this rich experience that its clients rely on for guiding them through their digital transformation objectives. Often times, businesses create objectives based on known or assumed outcomes, and it is during workshops that they learn about trends in their industry, best practices from other industries and their eyes are opened to other opportunities. eClerx Digital works to answer the questions keeping our clients up at night, to dig deeper into existing processes and to create data-driven organizations.

Interested in having eClerx Digital create a workshop with your team to dive into your digital marketing and analytics initiatives? Contact your client success manager or request a call by submitting a contact us form.