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Taking Data to the Next Level: Using Your Data to Create Efficiencies Like Never Before

Data, data, and more data.

With advancements across the digital space unlocking increasing volumes of available data by the day, the effectiveness of your processes can be diluted rapidly.

The truth is that marketers don’t need data – we need the BEST data to run successful activities and connect with consumers.

With competition skyrocketing and the customer landscape constantly evolving, it’s more important than ever to target the right audience at the right time on the right channel.

But, once you understand this, how do you ensure that you are capturing optimal data points and leveraging the proper strategies to maintain streamlined touchpoints with your consumers?

Investing in three key areas:

    1. Data Management
    2. Data Privacy
    3. Data Analytics.

Easy to say, but perhaps difficult to do.

—   That’s why we’re here to make it simpler.

To help you begin your journey into more efficient data practices, Rémy Merckx, Senior Advisor & Head of Travel, Leisure, & Hospitality, and Lovee Chandna VP of Retail, at eClerx Digital, sat down to discuss the key elements that brands need to focus on across data to hone their strategies, earn the trust of customers, and open new avenues of growth.

When you consider your data, remember that customer experience is the cornerstone. Examine not just what data you collect but how you use it and how you ensure that it’s protected. Doing so can win your customers’ loyalty, create meaningful journeys, and enhance the brand value.

And sometimes, you just need a partner you can trust to help navigate you along the way. Working with top brands across the Travel & Hospitality industry has enabled our team to share insights and help build efficiencies across data.

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