Unlocking Success: Harnessing Digital Channel Management, AI, and Agile Content Creation

Unlocking Success: Harnessing Digital Channel Management, AI, and Agile Content Creation

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, manufacturers and distributors face numerous challenges that can hinder growth. With 95% of customers not actively seeking your product at any given moment and machines increasingly becoming future customers, it is imperative to adopt innovative strategies to stay ahead.

Attending this month’s Strategy Summit B2B Marketing & E-Commerce by Project Networks in Berlin, the eClerx team was joined by Steve Bloodworth, Senior Director of Marketing Technology Adoption at AstraZeneca, who delivered an insightful presentation on how digital transformation can unlock success for businesses.

To thrive, Steve shared that businesses must establish solid foundations and a customer-centric culture before delving into the experimental world of Generative AI (Gen AI). An enterprise-grade, AI-powered content supply chain, fed with proprietary knowledge, is essential for accelerating business growth. Here’s how digital transformation leveraging AI—spanning people, processes, data, and technology—can unlock success.

Burning Problems Hindering Growth

  1. Unwanted New Product Introductions: Launching new products that fail to meet market demand can waste resources and damage a brand’s reputation.
  2. Inability to Compete on Products Alone: Relying solely on product quality without addressing other competitive factors can limit reach and expansion.
  3. Customer Availability: Most customers are not currently in the market for your product. This means it’s all about timing—it’s crucial to adopt strategies that keep you at the top of customers’ minds when they are ready to buy.
  4. Emergence of Machine Customers: Preparing for the rise of machine customers necessitates forward-thinking strategies and technological readiness.

Strategies and Best Practices for Success

1. Create the Right Ecosystem & Experimentation-Led Culture

  • Hire for Customer Centricity: Build a team that understands and meets customer needs.
  • Find Partners to Accelerate Your Journey: Collaborate with partners who can enhance your capabilities and speed up your progress.
  • Recognize & Reward Experimentation: Foster a culture where innovative, experiment-led activities are encouraged and celebrated.

2. Focus on the Right Commercial Opportunities

  • Prioritize the Biggest Opportunities: Identify and focus on the most lucrative opportunities to maximize impact.
  • Leverage Gen AI for Content Creation: Use advanced AI to accelerate content creation and enhance its effectiveness.
  • Achieve Significant Revenue Impact: Aim for a revenue increase through strategic initiatives. Drive data-driven commercial decisions through focused, channel
  • specific content, pricing, and assortment strategies in response to customer demands

3. Use Customer Language

  • Optimize Product Names & Structure: Align your product naming and structure with customer expectations to improve traffic, customer satisfaction (CSAT), and sales.
  • Present Like the Leading Retailers: To boost engagement, model your product presentation after successful retailers like Argos, RS, or Zalando.

4. Exponentially Scale Impactful Content Through an Agile Content Supply Chain

  • Utilize DAM, Gen AI, and Predictive Analytics: Implement Digital Asset Management (DAM), Generative AI, and predictive analytics to enhance content creation and distribution.
  • Adopt Agile Workflows: Use agile methodologies to streamline content production and delivery.

By addressing these challenges with these suggested strategies, manufacturers and distributors can unlock new levels of success. Embrace digital transformation through AI, create an ecosystem that fosters experimentation, focus on key commercial opportunities, and ensure your content is impactful and scalable. For comprehensive support, eClerx Digital offers a range of Gen AI services designed to propel your business forward. Contact us for more details and take the first step towards unlocking your business’s potential.