Unlock the Power of Supply Chain Optimization with eClerx

At eClerx Digital, we specialize in leveraging proven business problem-solving frameworks, best-in-class solutions, advanced technology, and transformative data science, machine learning (ML), and AI algorithms to solve niche use cases that drive impact and results. Our focus lies in unlocking the power of supply chain optimization.

At the Exito Digital Transformation Summit Dubai, Archit Bansal, Digital Consulting Lead at eClerx Digital, was privileged to present how we enable global leaders and pioneers to achieve significant cost savings, faster time-to-market, enhanced supply chain resilience, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Supply chains form the backbone of businesses across various industries. However, the complex and dynamic nature of supply chains often leads to inefficiencies, increased costs, and sub-optimal performance. That’s where our expertise comes in. Through a comprehensive analysis of historical and real-time data, we uncover hidden patterns and insights that drive informed decision-making. Leveraging machine learning algorithms, we develop predictive models that anticipate demand fluctuations, identify potential bottlenecks, and optimize inventory levels.

Partner with eClerx Digital to transform your supply chain and benefit from our proven frameworks, solutions, and data science, ML, and AI expertise. Let’s shape a future of efficient, resilient, and customer-centric operations together.

Speaker bio:

Archit Bansal

Archit Bansal is an experienced professional in advanced analytics and data science. With over 13 years of professional experience in consulting methodologies in a commercial setting, Archit is currently a Lead Strategist focused on the EMEA region.

Before joining eClerx, Archit held various leadership roles in different industries and consulting firms, including Marks & Spencer and The Smart Cube. With his wealth of experience, he has established a new data analytics function and developed new data science delivery and operating models in the retail and B2B industries. Archit holds a postgraduate degree in Quantitative Economics, with a specialization in Econometrics and Statisitics, and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics.