The Great Resignation: How RPA Can Help Fill the Gap for Your Organization

The global COVID-19 pandemic was an event that caught many organizations by surprise. On top of supply chain issues, logistical challenges, and operational woes, what has truly crippled organizations, large and small, is a mass exodus of employees in the labor force, universally known as The Great Resignation.

According to the Wall Street Journal, more than 4.3 million workers are missing, and experts predict that full recovery in the global labor market could take two years or more. That’s a long time to wait and could be a huge risk for many organizations, maybe even yours.

Further complicating this issue is that, according to a Gallup report, staff turnover is pricey—it costs an estimated one-half to two times an employee’s annual salary to replace them. Plus, it’s disruptive to client relationships and the morale of staffers left behind.

And, speaking of staffers, a US Pulse Survey found that 65 percent of employees are looking for a new job.

Those are a lot of stressful facts. However, there is some good news. There is a way for organizations like yours to overcome these struggles and help fill the gap. It’s called Robotic Process Automation (RPA). 

The Future of Work is Here

RPA is a revolutionary technology that can easily automate individual tasks that would otherwise take up time in a human’s day-to-day routine.

RPA allows anyone to automate digital tasks with ease, and it doesn’t require programming experience or special knowledge. Just select a task and watch it happen in front of your eyes.

Imagine a world where you could automate complex tasks without bothering your current workforce for assistance. With RPA, this is now possible!

However, it’s important to note that RPA is more than just a money-saving measure—it’s about utilizing your employees for tasks that leverage their advanced skills and knowledge.

A good example of this would be an accountant who has studied finance but often spends time doing simple data entry instead of accounting work; with RPA, you could automate these processes so they don’t need human intervention, giving both the employee (who might feel undervalued) AND the company improved retention rates as well!

RPA Bots Have The Same Digital Skills As People—And Then Some!

Think about it like this: bots can do more than just copy-paste, scrape web data, or make calculations for you—they can also open and move files in seconds.

This is rapidly turning them into an indispensable part of any team because their interaction with all types of systems makes them incredibly powerful tools that employees will use at every level across organizations.

This means that bots can be used to automate any interface or workflow without changing business systems.

RPA Bots Are Intuitive And Easy To Use

You can schedule them, clone them for customizations, or share them with others in your organization so they too may be able to execute processes throughout their workplace.

The best part? RPA bots don’t require any coding knowledge! 

The Benefits Go On And On…

To illustrate this, view RPA like a snowball that grows larger and larger as it rolls down the mountain. It starts small, but with each footmark comes new benefits (think cost reduction or greater accuracy in delivery time) that add value while providing momentum behind its progress until eventually spreading across an entire organization.

So Why Should Your Organization Implement RPA?

The answer is simple: it will save your organization time and money and fill the employment gap. Just imagine how much more productive your organization could be with an automated system that does nothing but execute tasks on command.

Furthermore, these RPA bots can even learn skills as they go along, growing into more intelligent versions of themselves, making them the ideal partner for your organization and current staff.

Excited? Daunted? Both? We understand. To get you started on your RPA journey, our experts are here to pave the way. Take the first step to revolutionizing your operations by reaching out to our team today!