Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

Intelligent Robotic
Process Automation

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B2B software corporation debugs its sales funnel with lead mapping automation

Lead generation and subsequent follow up is vital to B2B organizations, particularly within the dynamic and fast moving technology industries. An eClerx Digital client was generating over 75,000 leads annually and manually mapping them to its CRM, SFDC, for sales follow up. Prior to introducing an intelligent robotic process automation workflow, the manual effort required significant Agent Handle Times (AHT) and generated many errors resulting in slow response times and poor conversion rates.

The eClerx Digital Technology team evaluated the existing process and developed an Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (iRPA) bot that fully automated the lead sanitation and assignment process. This included aggregating leads from three data sources, analyzing unstructured data, assigning and passing along valid leads for further review as well as identifying “bad leads”.  The iRPA bot automated 60 per cent of the lead mapping process.

The automation process lead to a 23% productivity improvement, 100% error-free lead sanitization and assignment and increased market resulting from higher quality leads and faster lead delivery times to the account team.

An Introduction to Robotic Process Automation


40% productivity improvement

60% agent handling time (AHT) reduction

200 tickets per hour

75KLeads processed quarterly
23%Improved productivity
100%Accuracy of lead sanitation and assignment
80%Core activities automated

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