Deriving Value from Increased Customer Engagement: Revamping Your CRO Strategy with eClerx

It is Monday morning, and the Global eCommerce Lead has called for an emergency meeting with all their regional heads—new stock has not been uploaded quick enough on their platform, and bounce rates have soared on their online store, but traffic has marginally increased. Customers’ access to stock is long-winded, leading to a drop in conversion rates and considerable impact on revenue. With significant investments made to get search rankings up, the decline in consumer spend does not bode well for the business. Especially considering ‘Black Friday’ is around the corner. Swift and impactful action had to be taken. Does this sound familiar?

Many leaders in eCommerce understand the level of attention required to achieve a high-performing platform, which is why the need for a proactive digital strategy is paramount. But, let’s face facts here, a strategy is only effective when implemented properly.

Ask any business leader this question: “What is the most challenging aspect of a digital brand strategy?” Chances are that their answer would be increasing and keeping the existing customer base happy. We all know that goals are achievable with a solid blueprint, but if you do not give customer experience the importance it deserves, then you risk losing customers and sales to a competitor who has a more user-friendly website.

eClerx has helped businesses accelerate their digital growth by improving the customer experience (CX) through the eCommerce user journey. By optimising product attributes, increasing findability, and creating a frictionless checkout process, our team has delivered an incremental revenue of over $60M in the last 12 months.

Below are some key examples of how eClerx helped solve different pain points in the overall user journey.

1. The Ask: Help customers find the right products at the right time.

The challenge:

A leading online beauty retailer experienced high bounce rates for customers who had used their onsite search bar.

The solution:

Step 1: eClerx identified the gaps in the customer search experience by filtering out irrelevant and weak keywords.

Step 2: eClerx provided recommendations on how to optimize keywords best to deliver accurate and personalized results on the search pages and provided technical recommendations to enhance overall search engine performance.

The outcome:

Optimising the site search experience through Algolia resulted in a 67% uplift in revenue per search, which amounted to £18M of incremental revenue over 12 months.

2. The Ask: Improve the customer journey to decrease friction and increase conversions.

The challenge:

A leading global sports retailer experienced poor conversion and search-to-buy rates compared to competitors and was losing its share of the market, struggling to identify the causes and develop strategies to compete.

The solution:

Step 1: eClerx strategised an entire digital plan for the client and closely monitored every stage of the execution chain. Our team generated hypotheses, designed experiments, set up tests, and evaluated the test results using the Monetate platform.

Step 2: Once the structure was established, we identified the most important macro-KPIs, devised micro-KPIs which impacted those macro-KPIs, simplified the checkout process, and created a model to replicate top-performing markets.

The outcome:

eClerx’s pinpoint strategy and close monitoring of the A/B testing cycle helped the client increase revenue per search by 27% within just 3 months.

3. The Ask: Increase offer engagement and overall revenue per weekly campaign.

The challenge:

A leading UK-based gourmet grocery food retailer faced declining average order value (AOV) and low offer engagement on weekly newsletters.

The solution:

Step 1: Using advanced analytics practices such as product affinity analysis and customer profiling for the next best email, eClerx optimized the client’s email campaigns and improved customer interaction by redesigning offers.

Step 2: eClerx personalised the offers, using a targeting technique called ‘Next Best Offer Targeting’ to ensure the most relevant offer reached the right customer, based on their previous purchase and browsing behaviour.

The outcome:

Offer activation increased by 85%, which resulted in an uplift of £1.4M in incremental revenue per campaign, and AOV also rose by 11%.

To eClerx, CRO and Customer Journey Optimisation are not merely buzz words thrown around when the marketing or management teams meet to discuss corporate performance

Revamping Your CRO Strategy with eClerx

Revamping Your CRO Strategy with eClerx Digital or marketing strategies or marketing strategies. We take it seriously. That is why we have developed a suite of analytical tools and compiled a team of experts to identify customer struggle points in the end-to-end user journey. We apply our analytical acumen to understand the ‘why’ behind each problem statement before devising A/B test ideas to form a CRO roadmap. With our industry-leading expertise, we help brands create a personalised multi-channel experience to put the customer at the heart of all digital initiatives.

Achieving this level of customer engagement and success, as lofty as it sounds, is possible! And this is where working with eClerx makes all the difference. Contact our team today to take that next big step in your digital journey.