On-Demand Webinar : Mastering Ecommerce Optimization in 2021

In this session, you will learn how to embrace the rapidly changing e-commerce landscape and make commercially driven decisions to increase onsite revenue using technologies such as AI. We’ll be talking to the experts from LoveHoney and Pets at Home, two awesome brands that have transformed their e-commerce operation over the last year to cater to the changing needs of consumers during COVID-19 and Brexit.

Webinar: Mastering e-Commerce Optimization

We will cover:

  • How product discovery is changing and how brands are utilizing technology to stay relevant in 2021.
  • Which optimization and personalization tactics you should be using to increase average order values and conversion rates.
  • How to future-proof your e-commerce Optimization strategy with artificial intelligence and ways you can implement off-the-shelf AI products to enhance performance.

Hosted by:

Increasingly & eClerx

CEO & Co-founder at Increasingly

About the Speakers

Sri Sharma

CEO & Co-founder at Increasingly

Chris Holyland

Pets at Home- Group Digital Director

Rob Sleath

Lovehoney- Conversion Rate Optimization Lead

Iris Schiefer

Senior Partnerships Manager at BigCommerce

Lavan Krishnamohan

Client Digital Strategy Partner at eClerx

Paresh S

eClerx – Business Development | Client Engagement | Solutions | Consultations