On-Demand Webinar: Application of Intelligent Automation in Travel

Technology is changing the way that work gets done, and the travel industry is leveraging intelligent automation, using machine learning and other artificial intelligence technologies to develop cognitive insights (predictive applications) and cognitive engagement (chatbots and virtual assistants). In this on-demand webinar, Sergi Mesquida, Automation & Innovation Product Senior Manager at Hotelbeds in Palma, Spain, discusses how his team is using artificial intelligence, coupled with robotic process automation (RPA), to develop initiatives that are improving the operational efficiency and customer experience of Hotelbeds with a quick ROI. In addition, Sergi shares his thoughts on future opportunities of intelligent automation in the travel industry.

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About The Speaker:

Sergi Mesquida is passionate about Open Innovation, Technology and People Management.

He combines his technical background, as a Telecommunications and Information Systems Engineer, with his business acumen developed through and MBA and his experience working in top management positions for public and private technology companies of different sectors.

During the last 20 years, he has been working as a “corporate innovator”, leading corporate’s digital transformation in those companies, applying an Open Innovation approach to leverage internal technologies and the incorporation of his extensive knowledge of “external” technologies and business models, in order to set up new business areas, address new markets and develop new products and services for existing markets. During the last 6 years Sergi has been involved in the development of new business opportunities for the travel and tourism sector applying big data, robotics, Artificial Intelligence (machine learning and natural language processing) and blockchain, among other technologies.

Currently, Sergi is the Automation and Innovation Senior Product Manager at Hotelbeds.