A/B Testing and Optimization Support

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A/B Testing and
Optimization Support

An International Bank cashed in on conversions with a scalable global A/B Testing program.

Global technology company upgrades its conversions
with A/B testing and Optimization

The hardware technology market experiences rapid pricing changes to stay competitive. This leading technology Client’s A/B testing and optimization program had difficulty keeping pace with this highly dynamic promotional environment. The Client asked eClerx Digital to create a process and team that would enable it to scale quickly into its campaign process.

eClerx Digital staffed resources and implemented processes to enable split testing of campaigns which required fast turnaround times. In addition, it leaned on its long history of process optimization to streamline the test build and QA process that resulted in faster turnaround times and higher quality than the existing client processes. eClerx Digital found that the client was missing tools to prescreen and eliminate proposed tests with insufficient sample sizes, so the team created those tools leading to a prioritized testing roadmap. And tying it all together was an automated reporting process for monitoring, analyzing and quantifiable insights for future testing.

The rapidly scaled program resulted in twice the number of tests in half of the time. This created a competitive advantage for the client to not only react to real-time price changes, but also better understand its customer behavior across email, social and web experiences.

eClerx designed a customized solution to increase quality and efficiency across regions. We built tailored tools for the intake and management of test ideas; trained and consulted regional stakeholders on optimization and best practices to increase the efficiency of the end-to-end optimization process.

Then we created a global standard for test reporting and optimized the process of converting test ideas into executed campaigns. This resulted in a large reduction in execution errors, an increase in conversion rates of 24 percent, and the potential for the client to perform 4X as many simultaneous A/B Tests.


24% increase in conversion rate lift through test execution

30% reduction in execution errors

Scale up to 10X or higher increase in number of A/B tests

2X Doubled monthly tests
50% Decrease in turnaround time
24% Lift in conversion rates
A-B-Testing & Automation
A-B-Testing & Automation

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