Furniture and home furnishing companies rely on imagery to tell their story. eClerx Digital creates impactful computer generated imagery suitable for catalogs, websites, apps and are AR/VR-ready for immersive experiences. Complementing our creative services, we provide total marketing support to test and optimize across the customer journey to increase conversions and revenue.

Key Benefits

Complement traditional photography with computer-generated imagery (CGI) to display product attributes such as colors and textures quickly and cost-effectively

Develop digital configurators for engaging website and app content

AR/VR-ready imagery enables furniture and home furnishing companies to conduct interactive digital experiences prior to physical products being available

Supports an omnichannel marketing program with flexibility to use in catalogs, interactive brochures, video, social, website and apps

How we do it

Ready to learn how eClerx Digital helps Furniture and Home Furnishing companies to create engaging customer experiences?

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