Infographic: How Images and Videos Are Used on Ecommerce

The eClerx Digital Center of Digital Excellence team has been exploring the concept of what an “ideal” eCommerce website should look like. They collected 8,630 data points from the top 50 global (R)etailers’ websites to study the smallest of elements to answer a total of 174 questions. The questions sought to answer eCommerce website topics such as types and positioning of product images, product titles, the impact of ratings and reviews, sort and filter options, price, and call to action colors and placement.

The team focused its research on the seven most important page types/elements.

  1. Homepage
  2. Product category page
  3. Product details page
  4. Search
  5. Cart Page
  6. Shipping and delivery
  7. Payment

To provide informed conclusions about how and why (r)etailer eCommerce sites share commonalities, the observations were further validated by multiple articles and reports from industry-leading publishers such as Baymard, Econsultancy, Internet retailer and eMarketer.

The research was an extensive and laborious exercise that resulted in many insights.The infographic below was created to give readers an impactful, quick-to-digest summary of one research topic: how product images and videos are used. The conclusion offers suggestions for other (r)etailers to test on their ecommerce sites.

Infographic – How Images and Videos are used on eCommerce

Insights for

An Optimum

eCommerce Website

A Study from the Top 50 eCommerce Websites



High-quality product images are the next best thing to holding the product in your hands, and research indicates that 56% of users’ first action on a product page is to explore the images. Videos should also be used to supplement high quality images. Videos help online consumers to picture how a product will fit into their lives. Incorporate video thumbnails directly into the image gallery for easier access. (R)etailers that add contextual photos and lifestyle imagery from multiple angles as well as videos see increased engagement and conversion rates.