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FLUiiD4® – Manage your workflows for media to market productions. Fluidly.



FLUiiD4® captures all information – both structured and unstructured – and delivers it in context across any application, platform or process.

FLUiiD4® provides the core set of tools required to capture, process and manage unstructured content across your organization including document management, workflow, search and information retrieval services, all seamlessly integrated into a platform that is easily customized and scalable.



FLUiiD4® enables a seamless collaboration approach / environment for all players involved within the Channel to Market production process.

From concept through to production and delivery, regardless of the end media – paper or digital. FLUiiD4® enables user profile customised view and access rights, tracking/reporting facilities and capacity planning. FLUiiD4® enables Media Content Creation without the need of desktop publishing on local workstations.

Software as a Service

Software as a Service

FLUiiD4® services are available 24/7 and are supported by robust back-up storage facilities.

We oversee the entire project from creative to digital asset management, from production to shipping materials and digital data, with a centralized control by proprietary platform FLUiiD4® workflow solution.

Made to measure

Made to Measure

Our team of process analysts will always find the best fit with a consultative approach.

Ready-to-wear proposition: gold, silver, bronze to fit the clients most challenging media to market processes and project requirements. Made-to-Measure: The application is fully configurable enabling a bespoke proposition to fit any client specific needs. FLUiiD4® provides a state of the art media management  solution and IT infrastructure to minimise client’s Capex & deliver tangible ROI.

Main Feature Modules

Workflow Management

Workflow Management

  • Set up publications
  • Select a previous set up or import from an Excel document
  • Apply customized settings to single or multiple pages
  • Split and view publications by section, batch, category, range, etc
  • Set up pagination and related changes
  • Schedule and plans milestone dates and workflow actions
  • Allocate pages or images to users using different criteria
  • Re-use of pages
Asset Approval

Asset Approval

  • Automatic e-mail prompt to view and review images
  • Reject or reject with comments, approve or approve with comments
    Review multiple images for individual shot choice
  • Customizable dashboard with current status of workflow stages
  • Manage metadata entry
  • Customizable search of assets by any metadata
  • Manage links between images and products
  • Import/export excel files with metadata
  • Multiple view options i.e. thumbnail view, gallery view and attributes list

Digital Asset Management (D.A.M)

  • Database of all assets that can be set up to be used for all channels to market
  • OPI (open pre-press interface) functionality allowing for page production with low resolution images
  • Customizable search functions using all metadata
  • Full history tracking of assets
  • Manage links with products
  • Manage links with swatch samples
  • Manage Indd files and their link with images

Text Approval

  • Receive any form of structured product information from customer
  • Edit and store all information in (publication-dependent) local product cards with structured data fields
  • Amending any data updates all subsequent linked data for all channels
  • Manage live data changes such as prices, VAT increase etc
Page Approval

Page Approval

  • View complete flat plan with thumbnail view
  • Annotate corrections on-line (text and tool box)
  • Review and compare page versions
  • Review full history of all annotations by date and user
  • Dashboard with current status of workflow stages
  • Upload/Download PDFs or Indd of pages
  • Remote proofing function (Epson located at customer’s site)
  • Integrated soft-proofing viewer (requires calibrated screen)
Content Builder

Page Builder

  • Assign page templates to publication pages (with flat plan view)
  • Search and (visually) allocate selected products to specific positions of each page
  • For each product, choose images and logos to be used on page
  • For each product, edit all customer-facing information, including texts, prices and price-related information
  • For each product, assign product-linked graphic elements to be used on page
  • Add additional non product related graphics
  • Generate ‘live’ artwork preview (online) and corresponding Indd document
  • Refine on-line artwork and add additional marketing information onto artwork using fixed or editable graphic elements
  • Generate or update Indd documents
  • Manage collaborative approach for off-line work
Administration Settings


  • Log technical issues with FLUiiD4®
  • Communicate with support staff on current issues
  • Track issues by category (bug, new features, training)
File Transfer

File Transfer / FTP

  • Upload electronic assets via web portal or via FTP
  • Ability to structure the inbox in folder trees for metadata
  • Assign files to a specific publication.
Supplier Portal

Web Export

  • Photoshop-based collective processing of images, videos and any other digital asset including automatic conversion, cropping, change of resolution, renaming and transfer of outputs to the client’s web content management system
  • Export copy text to relevant position in web content management system
Capacity Planner

Creative Planning

  • Online brief for photographers based on asset rules
  • Online brief for photographers for creative group shots
  • Management of asset rules
  • Photographers brief download area
Reporting Module


  • A number of basic reports are available by default on the system, including metrics like the number of assets, the volumes of assets, the number of corrections, and the workflow status dates.
  • Additional or specific reports should be discussed and agreed with CYVB and will require development and costing.


  • Set up users and access rights
  • Define permission rights for users
  • View access activity and usage details
  • Set up inbox / outbox rules
  • Set up notification prompts
  • Set up approval paths