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Entertainment Evolution: Adapting to the Growth of Streaming

Entertainment Evolution: Adapting to the Growth of Streaming

‘’The Times They Are a-Changin’”            

Bob Dylan’s 1964 hit—”The Times They Are a-Changin’”—highlighted the importance of embracing new change and growth to avoid the pitfalls of stagnation. Today, this sentiment remains stronger than ever in the wake of the streaming and entertainment world’s rapid shifts. Customers have changed, viewing habits have changed, and the number of devices has grown. The great migration from linear cable to streaming is upon us, and with that, an even greater focus on streamlining outreach campaigns. Every media dollar must be accounted for.

Right now, there is a great drive and need to acquire and retain customers and a deep focus on managing marketing expenditures and delivering respectable ROI. This movement has put a strain on every level within organizations, including marketing, campaign, and sales operations, and increased the demands on analytics and data teams. With analytics in television and advertising continuing to grow and the push to target marketing at the household and viewer level, there is a great number of opportunities to take advantage of. But you need the right technology, the right resources, and the right partner to do it effectively.

The question then is, how does eClerx help our Media and Entertainment clients cope with these changing times? Through our MADD model: Marketing Analytics, Data, and Digitization.

Marketing – Deploy viewer acquisition & subscription campaigns aimed at activation, growth, and retention executed cost-effectively at a localized level with speed and scale.

Analytics – Perform audience measurement, viewership, data management, and cross-platform analysis for AVOD, SVOD, CTV expanded to serve streaming services.

Data & Digitization Leverage our experience as a leader in business process management, automation, and digitization to transform complex business processes across internal departments such as Human Resources, Pensions, Finance, Sales, and Revenue Operations.

With these support services, we put the trust back into your digital investment strategies and drive significant growth.

It’s important to remember, however, that in today’s world of doing more with less, maximization and optimization closely follow viewer acquisition and retention. MMM (Media Mix Models) of the past need to adapt to current cookieless and multi-channel strategies. And it’s not enough to just know what results your marketing dollars brought in—with global audiences and highly localized markets, the ability to simulate via AI and ML models helps channel and regional teams take the analysis further by reviewing the ROI from tweaks to pricing, promotions, bundles, and acquisitions, which aides in spend optimization.

It takes a lot of investment and effort, but our experts are ready to collaborate and help you navigate and conquer these changing times. Let’s have a conversation.

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Date: June 12-14th, 2023

Location: Denver, CO

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