Elevate Growth Through the Strategic Use of Data & Applied AI

Analytics leadership has a ground-breaking role in today’s Digital Transformation—to set the vision, mission, strategy, and ethical values for the whole world to adopt. To address this point, the Exito Digital Transformation Summit Dubai brought together some of the key companies operating in the Middle East region, such as Jumeirah Group, Miral Experiences, eClerx Digital, and more, to participate in a panel discussion on the topic—“<em>Bridging the gap between legacy and future thinking</em>.”

Alessandro Macchiarola, Lead Strategist – Data Science and Analytics at eClerx Digital, represented our team on the panel among various other Analytics leaders. Using this opportunity, Alessandro addressed the conflicting nature of technology and business and offered strategic focus points to ensure businesses can build competitive advantage through data and applied AI.

Speaker bio:

Alessandro Macchiarola

Alessandro Macchiarola

Alessandro Macchiarola leads Data Science in EMEA and is strategic lead for Retail Analytics for eClerx Digital. Before joining the team, Alessandro spent around 20 years as a data scientist—half in Management and Tech Consulting roles (Accenture, Deloitte, Unisys), and the other half in an AI/ML leadership role (SAS Software, News UK, and more).

From a technical standpoint, Alessandro is equally knowledgeable in data management and business intelligence as well as in complex data science and AI/ML applications (behavioral statistics, econometrics, metaheuristic simulations, IoT, computer vision, RPA, etc.). Alessandro has an MBA from a top 30 business school and a bachelor’s degree in pure statistics and economics.