eClerx Launches DataEdge360: The Ultimate Competitive Data Insights Platform for Distributors and Retailers

[July 8, 2024] – New York, NY – eClerx announces the launch of DataEdge360, a groundbreaking data insights platform designed to empower distributors and retailers with unparalleled access to competitive product data. With DataEdge360, users can access competitive data to conduct comprehensive analysis of competitors’ pricing strategies, product offerings, and market share, unlocking new growth opportunities.

Transform Data into Growth with DataEdge360


Saurabh Sharma, Global Product Lead for DataEdge360, stated:

“At eClerx, we understand the challenges that distributors and retailers face in today’s competitive landscape. DataEdge360 is the culmination of over 20 years of experience in the wholesale distribution, retail, and manufacturing space. Our platform provides access to data from over 850 websites, accurate price benchmarking, and comprehensive competitor catalogues. We are excited to offer this cutting-edge tool to help businesses make informed decisions and drive significant growth.”

Kuldeep Yadav, VP Customer Success – Manufacturing & Distribution Industry, added:

“DataEdge360 is a game-changer for industrial and electronic components distributors. By offering in-depth insights into competitors’ pricing, product placements, assortments, and content strategies, our platform equips pricing, product, finance, eCommerce, and procurement teams with the intelligence needed to stay ahead. We anticipate that our clients will see substantial improvements in market share, profitability, and customer satisfaction.”

Empowering Informed Decisions for Product Strategy

Key uses of DataEdge360 include:

  • Price and Promotion Optimization: Gain a comprehensive view of the competitive landscape to inform pricing decisions.
  • Product and Assortment Management: Optimize product assortment, introduce new offerings, and discontinue underperforming products based on competitor data.
  • Product Content Optimization: Identify areas for improvement in your product content by benchmarking against competitors.
  • Product Placement Strategy Enhancement: Analyze competitor placement strategies to optimize your own product placement and enhance the customer experience.

Unleash the Power of DataEdge360

DataEdge360 equips distributors and retailers with the power to outpace competitors to achieve significant growth in their business. Visit to watch a video of the platform and start your journey with a free 14 day trial.