eClerx Digital Announces New Innovation Hub In Milan

Unveiling the Innovations of Tomorrow.

Since its foundation, eClerx Digital has been focused on leading, managing, and optimizing complex digital business processes across the globe. From financial services to retail to fashion and luxury, eClerx has relentlessly pursued innovation and excellence to ensure maximum quality and impactful results for our clients.

With the advent of the metaverse, the opportunities and possibilities across digital experiences are endless and offer a new dimension to the customer journey. However, siloed attempts at unlocking value across the metaverse can be costly, fragmented, and inefficient.

Given our team’s close collaboration across relevant industries, we are happy to announce the official launch of:

The Metaverse Global Alliance – a strategic partnership tasked with coordinating resources and expertise to develop end-to-end solutions, expand digitization, reach new markets, and amplify the strategies of brands.

Future innovations made real

Currently, the Metaverse Global Alliance consists of a group of partners – Finney Hub, Monkeyway, Shin Software, and Snapfeet – that have the expertise to develop innovative business models, solutions, operational workflows, and technology.

To strengthen this breakthrough coalition further, eClerx Digital opened a new innovation hub in the heart of Milan to work even closer with our international partners and network.

We are excited to see the growth that this partnership has yielded and look forward to expanding it even further to unlock value for our clients and take digital services to new heights.

Read our full announcement here and celebrate this accomplishment with our team!