Unlock the full potential of your digital business


Web Content

The key to achieving meaningful results from your content marketing strategy is providing a targeted, personalized, rich and uninterrupted experience to your customers across their entire online journey, from search to the shopping cart. We help brands realize their strategy through an optimized and consistent experience that is cost-effective, efficient and scalable.


Our approach is to specialize on operational processes, decoupling creative strategy from production and implementation. This allows you to substantively improve your time to market and optimize your programs by testing strategic and design changes at a global scale. We deploy efficient content lifecycle management processes using an assembly line type execution model that manages the flow of content from creation, translation and publishing to end-of-life.


We inject indigenous yet very customized accelerators and tools that improve quality, site governance, re-usability of templates and content, visibility around content usage and operational performance for your entire web channel.



Conversion, average order value, cross-selling, upselling and repeat sales – these KPIs are the driving forces behind digital commerce revenue. We can help your brand make a significant impact on these metrics by deploying proven turnkey solutions to manage product information, catalogs, product navigation, search and promotions.


Our industry expertise spans a number of verticals including retail, luxury, high tech, software, financial services and travel and leisure. Our solutions integrate SKU management, product content management, catalog set-up, web hierarchy management, pricing, promotions, discounts and coupons, and can be supported on a variety of PIM and CMS platforms. We also integrate various shopping enhancements to improve consumers’ buying experience, such as customer spotlights, reviews and ratings, recommendations, interactive and dynamic product image displays. Our automated data enrichment, loading, integration and audit tools ensure the highest data quality and efficiency for supporting your dynamic business needs, including seasonal catalog launches, promotions and campaigns.


Email Campaigns

Whether email campaigns are the life force of your marketing initiatives or a supplemental tool for incremental revenue, our email campaign solution can drive increased ROI and better value from your email marketing service platform. Our approach aims to improve the accuracy of your targets, boost response rates and engagements and provide detailed performance analysis.


Our end-to-end email campaign operations follow a proven framework for developing, managing and re-using campaign components for higher efficiency and accuracy. With a robust transition process and knowledge management set-up, we can develop, optimize and operationalize your strategic, programmatic campaigns, triggers and ad-hoc campaigns with predictable results. While we improve campaign throughput, we also reduce churn and thereby improve the time-to-market for every campaign.


Our expertise across leading campaign management and analytics platforms helps us deliver cross-channel integrated marketing campaigns and provide you with clear visibility around business and operational metrics through our dashboards and reporting.


Mobile & App

As end-users continue to embrace the usage of mobile and applications, digital businesses are motivated to optimize their mobile experience for customer engagement, marketing, product and commerce. While evolving technologies have helped brands operate across multiples channel without building content differently, the biggest challenge remains in ensuring these experiences are seamless, consistent and accurate. Our mobile solution delivers responsive web & app experiences that are tested rigorously across various devices, browsers and client applications in our Mobile Lab. With our mobile analytics, we understand user behavior and can recommend improvements in cross-channel customer experience.


Search Optimization

For many digital businesses, large and small, search remains the most effective demand generation vehicle. Our search optimization solution has helped brands increase site traffic by 10% and site conversion by 100%.


We improve the quality of website traffic and relevancy by assessing and optimizing keyword-to-page mapping, content and site navigation. Enhanced search results, highly visible call to actions and more relevant and effective content strengthens the overall client engagement drives conversion.


Our solution helps in building credibility, mitigate risks of losing customers and thereby drive incremental revenue and profit.


We utilize search tools to automate keyword audits, acquire on-page metadata and audit URLs to ensure a relevant and meaningful experience that translates to an improved ROI. The solution is sustainable, scalable and driven by integrating your search marketing and site search optimization actions into a single conversion rate optimization goal.



Technological progressions are motivating companies to invest in new programs that optimize the way brands interact, communicate and sell to the end-user. A significant part of digital transformation investments includes the migration of your content management, eCommerce, search, analytics and others systems to a new platform. This task can be incredibly difficult and expensive when you have a global business to run across several complex sites, disparate in-house teams and, most importantly, limited time and resources.


We solve your transformation challenges through our solution that integrates process and platforming consulting, process design, content migration, search migration, analytics tag migration, quality assurance, training, organizational change management and project management. Our solution ensures effective knowledge gathering and documentation, and a seamless transition to business-as-usual after the replatforming is completed. Our migration framework, tools and best practices are built upon numerous replatforming experiences and help us reduce cost, complete projects on time and make the new platform available with high quality to drive the anticipated business.