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Campaign operations programs that are agile and cost-effective within a fast-paced environment is one of the biggest challenges modern marketers face today.


eClerx Digital offers end-to-end campaign management services, with extensive experience in strategy, design, deployment, and execution as well as reporting and analytics – across several marketing automation platforms.

Our Value Proposition

Manage Operation Costs
As a Variable Expense

Scale up or down on-demand based on your business needs with our customized engagement model.

Consulting with an Execution Focus

We go beyond making just recommendations. We are experts in campaign operations and execution.

Increased Throughput and Conversion Rates

With decades of experience, we have proven processes and best practices that result in higher campaign throughput and better conversion rates.

Proof Points

  • Designed and deployed a centralized process of 200+ campaigns per quarter and decreased campaign turnaround time by 40%
  • Scaled processes to increase campaign throughput by 70%
  • Allowed client campaign managers more time for campaign strategy design and analysis when eClerx Digital provided end-to-end support
  • 42% overall campaign cost reduction compared to a locally deployed high-cost agency

End-to-End Campaign Operations Partner

Our seasoned campaign managers can help you to scale up or out at any stage of your campaign operations program. Our subject matter experts will work closely with your team to assess campaign operations strategy, recommend improvements, and suggest campaign operations and marketing automation best practices. And unlike other service providers, our team can execute at any stage freeing you and your team to focus on strategic thinking.