Braving the change: How eClerx Digital is helping MROs embrace the new Digital Era

There is no denying that markets have seen a massive shift globally, and the pandemic has pushed brands to accelerate digitization at a pace we could have only imagined. Most crucially, priorities have been revisited, budgets have been revised, and the need to boost one’s digital footprint has been at the forefront of it all.

For some of our clients within the B2B/MRO space, the situation has been no different. The challenges to keep production intact and overcome interrupted supply chains in a shrinking market have been profound. Despite this, our clients were still able to celebrate one thing—witnessing the customer digital experience flow as smoothly as ever due to eClerx Digital’s expertise.

Against all odds, our clients have successfully managed to sail through the tides of change. Our team helped to dexterously handle a large number of items, present products on digital shelves, and meet customer demands optimally. In addition, our clients’ need to keep an eye on competitors has become a thing of the past. The secret ingredient here is eClerx Digital’s strong foothold in the industry. We have helped big market players increase attribute accuracy by optimizing digital catalogs by 31% and enriching product data for >14 million products.

At eClerx, our philosophy is simple—there are no emotions or impulses involved in B2B purchases. To remain strong amidst unprecedented doubt and uncertainty, our clients have leveraged proprietary tools like eClerx Market360° – a SaaS platform to help facilitate accurate and informed decision-making for boosting digital growth. Our platform has helped clients achieve strong price competitiveness and consistency with 80% automation of pricing processes and 100% category monitoring.

When was the last time you searched a keyword or looked for a product and found the closest results to your search? The content that you distribute across channels is a deciding factor in how your prospects engage. Fact: B2B buyers read a reported 13 pieces of content before making a buying decision.1 And the content that you distribute across channels is a deciding factor in how your prospects engage. Keeping these statistics in mind, increasing the visibility of the right product at the right time to the right customer has been a priority for all our clients. We have delivered a 17% increase in revenue per visit and an 11% increase in click-through rate (CTR). Our team was able to help achieve these metrics by improving product findability and reducing null searches online.

Lesson learned: timing is everything. If opportunities do not seem to knock at your door, create them. Realize that change is the only constant. Without preparing for tomorrow, the fruits of today could be as short-lived as the rise and fall of the tide. Digital is where the future is. Stay focused and make change happen by learning, acting, and repeating!


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