Don't Hire Analytics Posers

By Stephen H. Yu August 22, 2017

Analytics are complicated, but hiring analysts shouldn’t be. You encounter many “experts” who are great at moving data around without actionable insights and call themselves scientists. How can you avoid hiring Analytics Posers? This kinetic typography video helps you identify posers, so you don’t fall into the trap of hiring one.

6 Signs of Analytics Posers:

1. Love Buzzwords

2. Over Promise/ Under-deliver

3. Are One Trick Ponies

4. Toolset Oriented

5. Salesy

6. Complicators

Bottom line:

You are looking for someone who can demonstrate their capabilities, not just talk about them.

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“There are data geeks and there are data scientists. Then there are data plumbers, and there are total posers. In this modern world where the line between “real” and “fake” is ever-blurrier, some may not even care for such differences.  Call me old-school, but at least in some fields, I believe that “the ability to do things” still matters. Analytics is one of those fields.  When it comes to data and analytics, you either know how to do it, or you don’t know how to do it. The difference is as clear as a person who can play a musical instrument and one who is tone-deaf.  Unfortunately, there is no clear way to tell the difference in this data and analytics field. It’s not like we can line up contestants and ask them to sing and be judged here. Furthermore, “posers” often have louder voices — armed with fancy visuals and so-called automated toolsets.”

About the Author:
Stephen H. Yu is the Practice Head, Advanced Analytics & Insights for eClerx. He is a world-class database marketer with a proven track record in comprehensive strategic planning and complete tactical execution, from data modeling to targeting and personalization based on advanced analytics.