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Don't hire an analytics poser

In the age of abundant data and Omni-channel marketing, extracting valuable insights from mounds of information has become a crucial function in any organization.  Naturally, such a shift in focus has increased the demand for analytics service providers and full-time data scientists.  Unfortunately, this surge in demand has also produced many posers.  How, then, do marketers identify such posers? In this kinetic typography video blog post, analytics industry veteran, Stephen H. Yu, highlights six signs that you’re dealing with a potential analytics poser.

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No one is just an online person

Are you on the right path to understanding your customers? Relying solely on known explicit data often leads to campaign oversaturation, while others are exposed to generic messages. No one is just an online person. In this blog post, Analytics industry veteran Stephen H. Yu, details why buyer-centric – commonly known as 360-degree customer view – data platforms are critical to future marketing success.

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