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A Fortune 100 software and IT support company needed consultative and executional support to establish the capability to run A/B tests and personalization campaigns to drive higher visitor engagement, increase sales leads, and acquire new subscribers.

eClerx Digital was selected to advise on the site optimization strategy and execute campaigns including:

  • Test plan creation
  • Campaign setup
  • Prelaunch QA and post-launch monitoring
  • Analytics, insights, and recommendation
Read the Detailed Case Study
Read the Detailed Case Study
Benefits of total engagements

10-fold ROI due to
increased form completions through
personalization efforts

71% of campaigns launched showed
positive KPI (industry average is 30%)
resulting from A/B Testing and
Optimization recommendations

42% reduction in campaign costs and
53% reduction in time-to-market with
centralized campaign operations

Creating the ultimate visitor experience is vital to the success of B2B Software companies. As organizations transition from per seat licenses to subscription-based cloud offerings, the need to acquire and nurture customers is a key aspect of the business plan. It is difficult to forecast demand and attrition while developing customer loyalty within this new and competitive environment. Coupled with the many tactical issues associated with the complexity of a subscriber-based model, leaders have limited time to focus on meaningful, strategic decisions.

eClerx Digital understands the hurdles marketers and business leaders face when providing a visitor experience that delivers quality leads. The first step is knowing the visitor.  Our personalization, A/B testing and optimization, and forecasting solutions help you to better understand your subscribers beyond rudimentary segmentation and historical trends. Combined with extensive data security and data management capabilities, campaign operations and marketing automation support, we take on the heavy lifting, so you and your teams can focus on the big picture.

Acquire subscribers by increasing the value of your Data Assets

Testing and Optimization

Applying A/B Testing and Optimization findings to guide future actions results in higher website and email conversion rates. This includes optimizing email messaging, timing, and audience engagement to maximize trial software engagement. By understanding how users behave on a website, and what information they need, you can communicate with them in a meaningful way and improve customer experience.

Campaign Operations

Few email recipients want to receive more emails. That’s why developing and executing a compelling and impactful campaign is vital, especially when customer acquisition and attrition is so volatile. Our processes are proven to scale at an incredibly high quality to deliver complex campaigns that include multiple products, segments, and geographies. More relevant messaging and communication leads to higher conversion rates and increased customer loyalty.


Customers want to feel known and appreciated. But most marketers employ rudimentary personalization techniques to their email and online messaging that often leaves no impact. Our fully customizable approach to personalization considers several dimensions of data variables for rich persona development.

Data Management and Reporting

By definition, Big Data creates a lot of data. On average data scientists spend 80% of their time on data clean-up. eClerx Digital has a strong foundation in data management, data clean up, and reporting. Our highly-skilled teams can complement yours to deliver usable information and business insights in customized dashboards for faster and more meaningful decision-making.