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Personalization is becoming the dominant trend in the marketing community. However, most personalization efforts are rudimentary and react to tidbits of information on an event or product level, rather than true personalization for the creation of a favorable user experience. Personalization must be about the person. Marketers should approach it as a continuous effort to serve relevant content through all available channels, and not simply a channel or product-centric activity.


Effective personalization requires the seamless integration of content, delivery, data and analytics. Most off-the-shelf products in the market provide only partial solutions. Our Personal Dimensions™ solution effectively fills in the data and analytics gaps by employing all available data. Ready to be deployed through any existing personalization engines, our solution is a series of model-based personas, which are far more efficient than one-dimensional segmentations.


Since today’s consumers are in control of their information consumption, Personal Dimensions™ is designed to reveal dominant characteristics of an individual. The solution enables the match of the most relevant product and service offering to every person on every channel, all the time. Expressed in simple scores of affinities, it will serve as an integral part of marketing automation.

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