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Turn your A/B testing vision into a reality

Strategy & Process Consulting

Ideation & Test Plan Development

Project Management

Test Setup & Quality Assurance

Analytics & Actionable Insights

Most organizations struggle with the diversity of resources and skills required to run an optimization program at scale. Effective programs require expertise in digital marketing, project management, javascript development, optimization tools, and analysis.


Our A/B testing and optimization solution offers resources and expertise across the entire process of site optimization and testing. We offer data-driven recommendations for specific tests that should be run to increase the performance of websites. Our solution is ideal for companies looking for a partner to help them scale their existing programs, as we take on time-consuming steps of the process, including test roadmap management, campaign setup, QA, and test analysis.


Our in-depth analysis and knowledge management processes ensure that our clients learn as much as possible from each campaign, with proper documentation of key learnings.

eClerx Digital can help you with:

Idea Generation and Prioritization

Build a structured process for identifying areas for improvement, creating test ideas, and prioritizing them into an efficient testing roadmap

Campaign Development

Manage end-to-end campaign development processes, including the coordination required for gathering the necessary content, as well as any custom coding

Quality Assurance

Execute a rigorous and structured QA process to ensure every A/B test launches with perfect quality

Analysis and Knowledge Management

Garner the actionable data insights needed to move your business forward

Digital Analytics Cycle

1. Ideation

Proactively collect intelligence from diverse sources such as structured brainstorm sessions, competitive analysis, past tests, UX studies, site surveys, and analytical insights

2. Prioritize

Effectively rate test ideas based on potential, importance, and ease (PIE) framework, then refine based on organizational strategies and priorities

3. Design

Complete comprehensive design documents and detailed test planning to deliver stronger campaign programs including KPIs, audience targets, and traffic requirements

4. Build

Apply thorough coordination, tools, and campaign set up, along with tag audits, asset creation, and legal approval, for a dynamic user

5. Launch

Implement quality audits of the user experience and data sources through various stages to enable clear communication and minimize churn

6. Analyze

Utilize standard templates to ensure all segments are covered, in order to articulate actionable insights

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