Make the most of your data assets


Digital Analytics

The cornerstone of any analytics program is delivering relevant data and analysis into the hands of decision makers. This requires ensuring high-quality data, efficient reporting and the effective interpretation and communication of data.  Our analytics solution focuses on excellence across these three areas:


  • We ensure that the data captured by digital channels is complete and of high quality. We audit tags to identify missing or erroneous data in digital analytics tools and recommend methods to resolve any data gaps or errors.


  • We can own the end-to-end process of reporting. We translate business requirements and build visualizations that help explain the data as clearly as possible. Finally, we automate the reporting process to increase efficiency and data quality.


  • eClerx Digital’s consultants interpret our clients’ data and communicate actionable recommendations to ensure our clients get the most value out of their data.

A/B Testing and Optimization

Most organizations struggle with the diversity of resources and skills required to run an optimization program at scale. Effective programs require expertise in digital marketing, project management, javascript development, optimization tools and analysis.


Our A/B testing and optimization solution offers resources and expertise across the entire process of site optimization and testing. We offer data-driven recommendations for specific tests that should be run to increase the performance of websites. Our solution is ideal for companies looking for a partner to help them scale their existing programs, as we take on time-consuming steps of the process, including test roadmap management, campaign setup, QA and test analysis.


Our analysis and knowledge management processes ensure that our clients learn as much as possible from each campaign, with proper documentation of key learnings.


Advanced Analytics

Our team of seasoned data scientists provides a full spectrum of advanced analytical solutions based on your specific requirements.


Our services include:

  • Customer insights and profiling
  • Customer segmentation and clustering
  • Market basket analysis
  • Customer value analysis / lifetime value analysis (LTV) / spending analysis
  • Prospecting models
  • Propensity models / cloning models
  • Cross-sell / upsell models
  • Attrition models / churn analysis
  • Reactivation models / winback models
  • Lead scoring
  • Screening models / qualification models

Data Management

All analytics begins with sound data. Unfortunately, most datasets available to analysts are inadequate for analytics, causing errors and elongating timelines. As a result, data scientists routinely spend most of their time fixing and cleaning the data.


Our Analytical Sandbox solution creates the ideal analytics-ready environment, maximizing the efficiency of analytical resources and creating a 360-degree view of the customer for effective personalization. It also provides hundreds of innovative variables out of simple transaction and channel data, ensuring the consistency and accuracy of prediction.


The Analytical Sandbox solution package is comprised of multiple components, encompassing data hygiene, categorization, consolidation, summarization and analytics-ready variable creation.



Personalization is becoming the dominant trend in the marketing community. However, most personalization efforts are rudimentary and react to tidbits of information on an event or product level, rather than true personalization for the creation of a favorable user experience. Personalization must be about the person. Marketers should approach it as a continuous effort to serve relevant content through all available channels, and not simply a channel or product-centric activity.


Effective personalization requires the seamless integration of content, delivery, data and analytics. Most off-the-shelf products in the market provide only partial solutions. Our Personal Dimensions™ solution effectively fills in the data and analytics gaps by employing all available data. Ready to be deployed through any existing personalization engines, our solution is a series of model-based personas, which are far more efficient than one-dimensional segmentations.


Since today’s consumers are in control of their information consumption, Personal Dimensions™ is designed to reveal dominant characteristics of an individual. The solution enables the match of the most relevant product and service offering to every person on every channel, all the time. Expressed in simple scores of affinities, it will serve as an integral part of marketing automation.



Forecasting is an integral part of planning across divisions in any organization, including sales, marketing, finance, supply chain management, and human resources. Accurate forecasting significantly improves profit margins, inventory management and service delivery when properly applied to operational logistics and service functions.


eClerx’s FlexForecasting™ is an end-to-end solution, complete with data ingestion and user-friendly interface. Our modeling engine improves accuracy and time to market through automated iterations and selection of the best model.


Compared to commonly used forecasting approaches like historical averages, exponential smoothing, and automated ARIMA, FlexForecasting™ provides superior results by testing multiple approaches and incorporating important factors like seasonality and marketing spend.


Competitive Intelligence

Only organizations that have clean and consistent data regarding their competitors’ behavior can optimize their response to get a competitive advantage in the market.


Our competitive intelligence solution is fully-customized to meet the unique needs of each client. We are able to gather publically available data from digital sources. We structure the data to the exact requirements of our clients, whether data feeds are integrated with revenue management systems or other decision management platforms, or customized reports and analysis that provide insights for specific use cases.


The benefits of our solution:

  • Highly responsive to website changes to ensure no gaps in data
  • Advanced data management capabilities to ensure high-data quality that is matched to competitor products and standardized in the final data output for a consistent view across the competitive landscape
  • Expertise in competitive analysis including price indexing, catalog overlap and revenue optimization modeling