Social Media Services

Social Media Services

Our Social Media experts help you to better engage with your

customers, leverage social media data and measure the effectiveness

of multi-channel campaigns.

A leading Multinational Retailer removed the mystery of their shoppers with social media insights.

The Client believed that they could better structure their marketing communications strategy with insights from online conversations. As part of the engagement with eClerx Digital, the Client wanted to know how or if online content design impacted customer sentiment. The Retailer wanted to determine the optimal usage of social media channels to tailor the marketing communications strategy as well as leverage key influencers on social media channels to increase customer engagement.

As the first step, eClerx Digital identified and validated keywords by scanning existing content, built search queries, created topic profiles, and extracted, verified and cleansed the data. This process was iterated until the proprietary listening tool was optimized and delivering relevant information. Once optimized, the team ran a trend and awareness analysis that looked at volume, volume by social media channel, and engagement per post. To understand total audience sentiment, it analyzed positive, negative and neutral sentiment by product and service. And finally, it performed a thematic analysis to give the client an understanding of most talked about topics. Statistical models were created to identify correlation and recommendations were made in the form of Gap Analysis, Best Practices and Benchmarking.

The Client applied these recommendations to its communication strategy and as a result, they saw a 24 percent increase in customer engagement over a 2 month period and an 18 percent increase in client e-commerce site visits.


24% increase in customer engagement after 2 months based on recommended communication strategy

A customized marketing strategy based on conversation analysis led to 18% increase in e-commerce site visits.

Reduced service-related complaints by 40%

Increased customer retention by 6%

24%Increase in customer engagement after 2 months
18%Increase in e-commerce site visits
40%Fewer service-related complaints
6%Increase in customer retention

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