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A/B Testing and Optimization

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An International Bank cashed in on conversions with a scalable global A/B Testing program.

The Client needed a partner who could help, build and execute an A/B Testing program across all of its global regions, which stretched across 45 internal stakeholders and 9 external agencies, leading to confusion and errors. They also required an end-to-end solution which would include the building of test plans, campaign set-up and QA, and the reporting of analytics and actionable insights.

eClerx designed a customized solution to increase quality and efficiency across regions. We built tailored tools for the intake and management of test ideas; trained and consulted regional stakeholders on optimization and best practices to increase the efficiency of the end-to-end optimization process.

Then we created a global standard for test reporting and optimized the process of converting test ideas into executed campaigns. This resulted in a large reduction in execution errors, an increase in conversion rates of 24 percent, and the potential for the client to perform 4X as many simultaneous A/B Tests.


24% increase in conversion rate lift through test execution

30% reduction in execution errors

Scale up to 10X or higher increase in number of A/B tests

24%Increase in conversion rate lift through test execution
30%Reduction in execution errors
10%Approx or higher increase in number of A/B tests

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