AIM Launches the Fourth Article in its Five-Part Series with eClerx

AIM Launches the Fourth Article in its Five-Part Series with eClerx

eClerx is excited to share the fourth edition of a five-part article series in collaboration with AIM: The Art and Science of Data, Analytics and AI: How eClerx is helping Fortune 500 Clients in Retail, Tech & Industrial Manufacturing.

In this article, the team at AIM closely examines some of the key services and solutions that eClerx offers its clients across data and analytics, customer care, tech processes, and more, highlighting the dedication of our firm to meet our client’s growing needs and produce measurable business impact.

Taking a high-level view of the industry landscape, it’s clear that there have been sweeping changes and advancements over the last few years. What that means is that, today, customers’ needs are much more robust. And with this expansion of demand, brands are becoming increasingly pressured to adopt new technologies that unlock opportunities to deliver memorable experiences.

AI, advanced analytics, business intelligence, and customer support are just a handful of the vital investment areas that businesses need to explore. And that is where eClerx excels. Delivering world-class solutions and services across a variety of industries—from retail to manufacturing to hospitality—by leveraging advanced data science models, proprietary AI & ML-driven tools, and industry expertise.

In the fifth and final article in the series, AIM will dig more deeply into more expansive innovations such as Natural Language Processing (NLP)/Large Language Models (LLMs), AutoML, Cloud, and Self-Serve BI, and how they can be leveraged to drive business value.

Read AIM’s full article here.


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