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Infographic: Site Search Trends
in eCommerce


Sites are unable to return
relevant search results
synonyms of product type

Magnifying glass symbol has a


by r(e)tailers and users alike. Some
sites, however, use the text "Search"
for CTA.



sites have placed the search bar on
the top center of the page, width
of the search bar ranges between
300 to 700 pixels

r(e)tailers offer auto
complete or auto

Size and position of search bar indicate site's
preferred product finding strategy . A more
prominent design and placement is often used
by sites that have large product hierarchies to
encourage users to search for desired products.
On the contrary, visually intensive industries,
like apparel, would prefer category navigation
and can experiment with a subdued search

Displaying too many suggestions
dilute the effectiveness of auto
suggestions. It is recommended to
maintain the number of suggestions
between five and seven.


5 to 7

Site searchers are

more than the regular visitors

spend up to 2.6x

more likely to convert and

Almost all r(e)tailers have category filters
located on the left hand side of the page.
However, category and product specific
filter types must be suggested based on
what the user searched for.


Spec driven products (like electric
appliances) should preferably be
presented in list views,

whereas visually driven products
(like clothes) should be presented
in a grid view.


sites display less than 100 products as
search results. The page layout is
mostly seen to be dependent on the
type of products.

Absence of these faceted filters suggestions can lead to
site abandonments especially in case of mass retailers
where users see a lot of irrelevant search results.